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What is NRU?input the keyword in th Google.I find Neighbourhood Renewal Unit Homepage,Niagara Rugby Union Home Page,NRU Reactor – Canadian Neutron Beam Centre,…and so on.I find the tenth item Nouveau Riche University – CaseyPedia.I think Nouveau Riche University is the right school I will introduce.

What is Nouveau Riche University? You can surf this page to know some information.

And the school was established in November, 2002.I think this is a new school.So the classrooms and equipments may be good and new.

The type of the school is a vocational school.In our country this school help you get the associate’s degree and you can easily get the job.

Where is the school.From the wiki I know the location of Nouveau Riche University is Phoenix, Arizona.And why I know the city because I read this article Extending and Receiving Forgiveness.

The CNN introduced about Nouveau Riche University.But I think there are some problems because I don’t find anything about this school.

REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT COLLEGE has some good features:

  • Design Your Educational Experience
  • Instructional System Design
  • Make Money In The Real World
  • Extended Learning Bonus
  • The Real Deal

And I found the college has many the Testimonials.So if I was young, I would study at the college.In addition,I find the “INTENSIVES” event is very interesting.During this event, Students will learn:
. How to develop a millionaire investor’s mindset
. The language of real estate investing
. How to avoid the 12 deadly success killers of real estate investing
. How to build and manage teams
. How to find properties
. How to fund property acquisition
. How to fix up and rehab properties
. How to manage properties and your real estate business
. How to tenant properties
. How to sell properties quickly for higher profitability
. Simple strategies to help foster courage in new investors
. Taking the appropriate actions that lead to the desired results
. Building a plan for continuing education and greater sophistication
. Why educated investors are more profitable investors

Don’t hesitate about studying at the college.Do it at once!

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