Looking for a good plumber

Some months ago our electric water heater replaced a bad gas-operated hot-water heater in my home. Although I seem to be a good computer repair person, in fact I have no idea to fix the hot-water heater. And we have no idea to find a good plumber.

I searched Google and found out the article (Plumbing Tips). It’s said:” Having a good plumber is very important. It should be one whom you can trust completely. One should consult various plumbers before selecting one. And once you know who call you have an efficient solution for all your plumbing issues.”

So my sister requested her friend’s help. But I doubted about him and do not like the electric water heater because the tankless heaters have several disadvantages.

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I envy people living in San Antonio, Huntsville or Las Vegas. I hope in Kaohsiung or in Taoyuan we can find the best plumbing service.