Glad Noblegarden – WoW Gold

Do you know the Noblegarden event is returning to Azeroth? We can be involved in the druidic festivities spreading ‘round all corners of the map all week starting Sunday, April 4, and closing Saturday, April 10. Features include:

* Noblegarden egg hunt and daily quests located in starting towns such as Goldshire, Razor Hill, Kharanos, and Brill
* Noblegarden treats and prizes found rarely in eggs
* Chocolate as a currency! (Or just indulge your sweet tooth)
* Achievements found in the World Events tab

Yesterevening in Warsong Gulch , Ziboo was on her pally having a lot of enjoyment with the “turn your group in to bunnies blossoming branch” and one of the players stayed in rabbit form and actually ran the flag.

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