Last week our bishop had a conversation with his son.

Father: Tyler, put your glasses on. TYLER: I took them off to bathe last night and I don’t know where I put them. I think I have a serious short-term memory loss problem. Father: Really? I just saw them somewhere around here this morning. TYLER: Ha, ha. You have a short-term memory loss problem too!

This is very interesting and we have often heard these kinds of joke. In fact, we have known some friends who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease like Mr. Chang’s younger sister or Edna F. Chandler’s mother.

Edna F. Chandler missed the companionship they had enjoyed as they peeled potatoes, snapped beans, or read together. She longed to share childhood experiences with her mother and tell her mother news about her siblings and her grandchildren. She had always enjoyed family dropping by, especially the grandchildren. But now her mother’s
dementia had changed things. Her mother really wasn’t sure anymore who I was, other than someone special who cared for her. I feel so sad about this and I think these diseases are still incurable.

Attending these dementia patients is hard work because there is no cure to this illness. Cholinesterase inhibitors may be helping. Cognitive and behavioral interventions may also be suitable. The caregiver is very important as well.

Don’t you feel that with time and age your memory and other reflexes such as eye-hand coordination diminishes? This is what we call cognitive decline and it is now proven that you can do something about it to maintain your skills and even improve it. The idea is to write about brain fitness and how this is becoming also an important part of our life to remain healthy and productive in life as an employee. Many of us will have to work for a longer period of time and it is important to stay sharp in this difficult economic period. Wouldn’t it be better if you could have strong cognitive skills that help you enjoy a more successful life? That’s exactly the kind of idea behind CogniFit Brain Fitness. They serve as the topic of today’s review, so let’s dive into what it has to offer.

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The first thing that strikes me about this service is free. Well, as it turns out, it is really free. It’s approximately like the start of a whole new world, in a manner of speaking.

How It Works


It doesn’t really matter if a tool like this is great and strong if it’s impossibly hard to use. Luckily, CogniFit Brain Fitness is pretty simple. Here is a demo video that they have offered on every page.

Scientific Evidence

Here’s a science video on the page.


From the video, we can see it is a serious training system, scientifically tested and patented technology. And it will automatically change based on individual progress.

Although there are some difficulties when I played the CogniFit Flash game, I need to praise the game — I have no choice. I welcome the pretty easy and basic interface, with the forceful option sets. I’m sure it is very good fo us. Since it’s free to use, you really have nothing to lose.