The original StarDict project has recently been removed from SourceForge due to copyright infringement reports. Most of the files were lost with the demise of the project. The project has re-emerged here since then, though the legal issues may never have been resolved.

StarDict hasn’t seen any active development for many years, while the world around hasn’t stood still. The following is the list of alternatives appeared during that time. You are advised to take a look and try them:

  • GoldenDict – designed as a StarDict successor, it supports its format, lots of other formats (Lingvo, Babylon etc), features tabbed browsing, morphology, live pronunciations, Wikipedia and so on. The program is constantly being improved and worked on.
  • Babiloo – a free open source software developed to read offline dictionaries. Runs on most platforms. Supports StarDict and SDictionary formats.
  • LightLang – another system of electronic dictionaries (Linux only).

Some other free, but closed-source programs:

  • Lingoes – fast and lean, but Windows only, and supports only its own format.
  • Dicto – supports XDXF dictionaries. Windows only. Appears to be Russian-oriented.
  • 大意应该是因为版权侵犯的问题,这倒是很令ㄚ琪惊讶的,SourceForge把它移除掉,这个专案目前被移到stardict-3,ㄚ琪是很怀疑这个页面是如何出现的,以及是否是原作做出来转移网站的,不太清楚,不过还是注记一下。
  • 这个页面也提供一下其它专案的进行,大家可以参考看看。