If my memory serves me well, I was mustered out of service in 1996. From then on, I started my work career and wanted to make money hand over fist. The barrage of multi-million dollar marketing that is designed to make foreign exchange market seemed extremely attractive so I decided to invest in the foreign exchange market. I was looking to be a winner at forex but there is a lack of knowledge about the foreign exchange market. The investment caused me to suffer no small amount of damage. The experience did not fit me to do the job.

After marriage Sophia and I very like to travel abroad. Online currency converter becomes the most practical tool to use because we need to do some money exchange. We can go to the bank and get the rate for the day, may be do the change at the same time. But, by the time you get home, as everyone knows, the rate has changed, and can radically do so. Shop around before you buy will save you money. But it is tiring and time-consuming if you want to find the best exchange rate. So we directly exchange our currency for dollars in the airport. It is not a good idea because of long waiting lines at airports.

Free currency converter web app is used to get the latest and updated conversion rates for all currencies. The web or app provides great currency exchange rates, and a user-friendly Foreign Exchange Converter.

I think FreeCurrencyRates.com is one of the great masterpieces of MobileSoftJungle Ltd. It is a site entirely devoted to currency conversion, not difficult to use and free of course. Comprises daily/hourly updated currency exchange rates, currency information like signs, cents, countries (with flags) etc.

Look the classical conversion interface.


It seems to be useful for exchanging. This converter supports seven languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian and Simplified Chinese. Although we use Traditional Chinese, it’s better than nothing. The classical conversion interface also has 5 important features which are marked by me. The first thing I noticed about the features was the new link. We can customize our own currency converter (multiple currencies, permanent link, etc.). It must be brought into the sharpest focus. I clicked the link and there’s no telling what will happen next. This customizable application is in good condition.


The style is more simple and powerful. It lets us to convert several currencies at the same time. You can add currencies to the list remove them, drag to reorder. I suggest you use the application with Firefox. The application does not work well with IE 8.

And if you just go to the http://www.freecurrencyrates.com/myconverter for the first time, it will try to guess your location (by your IP address) and will include your local currency (or currencies) along with some major currencies to the list.


Once you customized your personal currency converter (i.e. you have all your desired currencies in the required order and in desired language) you may save/share your personal link, so that next time you go straight to your converter.

The introduction said,” The way the currencies are selected is somewhat…nice :).” But it is an awesome application, I admit. I invite you to use and enjoy the application.