Learn more about women's health problems, conditions and treatment

Wait! It suddenly strikes me that many of the sisters in my ward did not seem to have health insurance or proper health care. In an enrichment meeting a representative from the local health department was invited to give a lesson on womens health. Information on free or low-cost health exams was provided. The evening was well attended, and this personal subject was addressed in an inviting, relaxed, and safe environment. Use home, family, and personal enrichment meeting to help the sisters gain practical, personal skills which they can use to better their lives.
Strike the iron while it is hot. Now I want to say more about womens fitness. I will explain that women’s fitness affects all aspects of their lives. If women are to manage their lives efficiently, their bodies must be able to meet all the demands placed upon them. To be tired all the time and have difficulty meeting pressures is an obstacle to their success. Women’s fitness improves mental concentration and alertness; it relieves tension and anxiety. Some educators believe that students are more alert and attentive when they are in good physical condition and that they learn better. Employers have recognized that an employee’s effectiveness is related to physical health. Their physical condition also affects their capacity to respond to others positively. We each may have some physical weaknesses that cannot be entirely overcome, but most of us could be fitter than we are.
We also want to receive pregnancy information except women’s health or fitness because having a baby is the most amazing thing. Becoming parents is one of a couple’s most difficult adjustments and plays a major role in the high rate of divorce that occurs during the first seven years of marriage. Prevention is better than cure. We should make good preparations for anything.