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Tracy pressed her nose against the big picture window and watched the rain. Tracy usually liked the rain, but today she felt miserable. Her two older sisters, Janet and Merry, were standing on the sidewalk in their bright pink raincoats, waving good-bye to her. They had a clear plastic umbrella to keep the rain off, and they were laughing.
Tracy waved to her sisters, and then began to cry. She would have to wait another year before she could go to school too.
“It looks like it’s raining in here,” Mother said, coming into the room. She had the popcorn popper in her hand. “I thought that you might like some popcorn,” she added. “Janet and Merry will just have to miss out this time.”
This article is written in Friend Magazine. The title of the article is “Home with Mother”. It seemed that popcorn can manage to cork up Tracy’s feelings. As you can probably imagine, which popcorn machines should we use? Ask ePopcorn.com, of course. They can help us to reduce the machine cost.
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