ChengZong Lin seems to be a very impossible single man. Be careful with him — he’s a cute operator. He grows several dozens of blueberry plants in Longtan. He used all his savings to rented a piece of land and buy blueberry bushes. I think he stakes everything on a single throw and it is very dangerous. Although he gave me a curt answer, I knew he may make a profit on his blueberries and the blueberry bushes are difficult to grow in Taiwan. Grape plants are easy to grow in many areas and he had many other fruit tree experiences so far as I know. He insisted on growing blueberry plants rather than planting other fruit tree. Unlike his friends, he never gave up hope.
I had a chance to swing by the farmhouse of Brother Lin and have a glass of juice with him. He told me the information about the trees and plants that are available to them and what will grow best in their particular environment. And then I was informed Willis Orchard Company. The owner, Jason Willis, has been in the nursery business for the past 17 years. A naturalist and conservationist at heart, he studied Environmental Horticultural Technology and began his career in nursery sales at a local wholesale nursery. Later he opened a containerized long leaf pine seedling nursery that grew nearly 1 million trees per year. As his interest in orchard stock grew, he moved into retail nursery sales and management. From there, Jason’s passion for horticulture developed into Willis Orchard Company (and its sister company, Paradise Palms), an online source to supply consumers with quality nursery stock at affordable prices.
I want to share this information to my readers if you want to plant fruit trees.