Top Quality Garment Racks

In our new home we obtained clothing racks from the former home owner to help organize Sophia’s clothing. The former home owner did not give us all the dope on his house. We found the space between clothing racks was small enough, but throw in a handful of shopping ladies and it becomes flat out difficult to browse around. Sophia always gets done up before she goes out. She wanted more and more garment racks to arrange her clothing. The thought returned with a dogged insistence. She is so difficult! How do we solve the problem? The perfect solutions for larger clothing stores, Classic Store Fixtures rolling garment racks allow us to display multiple garments in a compact area.
Classic Store Fixtures is a family owned and operated business with many years of combined experience in the store fixture industry. This company was founded with a singular purpose- providing affordable, quality solutions to meet our retail needs. From great basics to simple solutions, they offer the finest products crafted from the best materials. The only thing they take more seriously than their merchandise is their customers. They pride themselves on providing unsurpassed customer service. They are interested in building long term relationships with their customers and do all they can to meet or exceed our expectations. They stock many other Store Fixtures that can complement our existing retail store displays fixtures and they also offer free shipping on all orders priced over $50 Dollars.
Classic Store Fixtures carries a wide selection of top quality store fixtures such as garment racks, clothing hangers, retail displays, clothing racks, headless mannequins, display cases, and more at affordable prices. Classic Store Fixtures clothing displays are also perfect for any retail clothing store. If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for please call and one of their knowledgeable representatives will assist you with your countertop clothing display questions. It’s miraculous!