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Recently my motherboard did not work and I decided to upgrade it. But I also needed to upgrade another power supply. I ordered a new power supply until now have not yet received. This reminds me of the one web server I fixed some years ago. Since then, I have decided to survey dedicated servers, and the results have been pretty amazing. is one of the best web hosts I have ever studied.

What is

eSecureData owns and operates two, world-class data centers. Their Whalley Data Center is a world-class, premium data center located in the million-square-foot Central City complex in Surrey, Canada. Their United Data Center in Coquitlam, Canada is one of the few true Tier 4 data centers in the world. There is simply no better place in the world to host your dedicated server or VPS. Unlike many companies, eSecureData does not rent space at a bigger data center — they are the bigger data center that many smaller companies rent from. offers all the features of a specialized data centers. The features include:

  • Bandwidth: Unmetered 500 Mb, Burst 1 Gb
  • Remote Access: SSH/RDP. Some servers have IPMI and built-in KVM/IP with Remote Reboot.
  • Other: Smartphone Control Panel, 24/7 On-Site Monitoring & Support.
  • Currency: USD or CAD
  • Contract: No minimum term. Cancel at any time.
  • Details: All rentals are bound by their TOU.


Maybe you want to know the difference between a cloud vs dedicated server. They’re confident that they provide the highest performance for the best value, they have gone head to head with some of their major competitors. Head-to-head comparisons of servers show that the CPU matters for general performance and that the rest really does not matter much at all. Whether you are comparing pages served per second or database transactions, the overhead of a cloud deployment will slow you down by up to a factor of 10. I also find the RAM is better than other cloud servers.

If your website has outgrown shared or VPS hosting, then this is a great time to upgrade.